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Hazel is a rising star in the world of communications consulting. She's confident, ambitious, and has her life together in every way except one - she's deathly afraid of clowns. Hopeless romantic Oscar has recently broken up with longtime girlfriend, Denver, and is nursing his heartache. He and best friend Mike are struggling professional birthday party clowns with big dreams of making it to the top. They've been working hard to develop a headline show, desperately hoping for their big break.

The story begins when Hazel attends an immersion therapy session with her psychiatrist, Dr. Alan. Little does she know that two of the most important people in her life will soon make an appearance – gigging therapy clowns Oscar and Mike. Hazel manages to endure their performance, which is a breakthrough. After the session, Hazel runs into Oscar, now out of costume, while grabbing a slice of pizza. Not recognizing him, Hazel flirts with Oscar briefly and then agrees to a date. Oscar is immediately smitten and neglects to share his true identity.

Meanwhile, Mike has booked the double-act a touring a show around England, if they can stage a successful preview showcase for the Producers. Oscar and Hazel begin dating, and as their relationship deepens, they agree to introduce Mike to Hazel's roommate, Laura. Unbeknownst to them, Laura and Mike have already been sleeping together secretly. Hazel begins to suspect that something is off in her relationship with Oscar. As he falls further and further in love with Hazel, Oscar realizes that he's tired of living a lie and misses the scheduled audition with Mike.

At a party, Hazel runs into Oscar's ex-girlfriend, Denver, who reveals that she still loves Oscar. Hazel is reassured when Oscar tells her that he's no longer in love with Denver. However, their relationship is put to the test when Hazel discovers the truth about Oscar's clowning career. Hazel is heartbroken and rejects Oscar, but Oscar doesn't give up that easily.

He and Mike perform the audition for the tour producers and successfully secure their contract. Before they leave for England, Oscar takes one last shot at winning Hazel back with a clown serenade outside her apartment. Despite Hazel's initial horror and reluctance, she eventually realizes that their love knows no bounds and agrees to give their relationship another chance by facing her fears.


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